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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time and Spent

 Thankfully we didn't get the snow that was initially predicted for Friday night. Still, we got enough to make it necessary to clean the drive and shovel off the deck.
 Today it warmed up nicely with the sun shining bright for the first time in several days.
 We trudged through the snow that was knee high in spots this afternoon to track coyotes.
 We seem to have a good number of rabbits that dart in and out of the cedars that edge our woods. The coyote trails weave along the rabbit prints but also wander along the creeks edge and zig zag the bank of the woods.
 The kids got a kick out of the 'swing' made of ice dangling over the cold rush of water. Hanging from the vines that choke the tree year round, it slowly swung side to side.
 As pretty as  freshly fallen snow can be, I am longing for spring.
 My thoughts are of the seeds already sown, the trees that will bud and the flowers pushing up through the ground.
The sky even played along, looking like one of the many hot summer skies, dotted with clouds that could be baking the ground on a sweltering afternoon. Instead, the cold wind pulled at my hair as we made our way home reminding me that it's only February.
Have a lovely week.


Sean R said...

The pictures are beautiful, especially that last shot of the sun and clouds.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Beautiful!! I especially love that last shot! I always wonder about my bloggy friends who live where the big snow is predicted.. so I'm glad to hear it wasn't so bad. Isn't it great to have a creek nearby.. especially for the kids to explore? Stay warm and think Spring.. I certainly will be. 40mph winds here today, and it is cold! :) -Tammy

Happy Elf Mom said...

You're practically buried under! I love your pictures. I just wouldn't want to have to drive in your neighbourhood. :)

Diane Jordan said...

Hi lovely lady.
I would love to have some of your snow down hear in Texas. I am so happy to see you on my blog, thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape. I also hope you and your family have a wonderful Valentine's Day.
XXOO Diane

Walking on Sunshine said...

It is beautiful but I am longing for spring also. I was out on our back porch yesterday cleaning the slider windows and I couldn't believe how dirty everything is. I want so badly to get it all cleaned but will have to wait till the warmer weather. Enjoy!

Laurel said...

I love that last photo of the sky over your house. It was so beautiful that day, and in the sun-happy birds chirping I could hear the first echoes of spring. It's really not far away at all!

Gramma's Cooking Lives On said...

Gorgeous pictures. Where are you located. We got hit hard here in NY too. I posted some pictures. I made a big pot of chicken soup and called it a day!