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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Awards and Friends

My darling bloggy friend Kris presented me with the Stylish Blog Award. I can't say that I am deserving....I don't know that I am all that stylish, but I am flattered that Kris thinks so. If you have time, swing by her blog and give her some love. Poor girl, she's a young married Momma of 3 gorgeous little ones and missing her family terribly as she and her husband have taken the adventure of a lifetime moving across the country on their own to follow His plan and make a new beginning. She's a sweet southern girl, full of love and always has a kind word. :)
The rules for this award are;
The rules for this award:

~ Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

~ Share 7 things about yourself.

~ Award 7 recently discovered great bloggers.

~ Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Seven Things About Me
1. I can't eat butterscotch anything. It makes me feel carsick. Crazy, I know.
2. I love horror movies, but they scare the dickens out of me, to the point of nightmares and being unable to sleep....but I can't shut them off. I just spend most of the movie covering my eyes and ears and cringing. 
3. I watch All In the Family on TV Land almost daily. Archie Bunker was a man to pity, despise and love all at the same time.
4. Mr. Blondee and I didn't start dating until he proposed to me. We had been friends for a few years through mutual friends and I was actually moving away. I stopped by to let Mr. Blondee know I was going on a 'looksee' for an apartment two hours away and asked him what he knew about that area. He acted dumbfounded, then stammered a few seconds and told me he had been in love with me from the moment he met me. He told me he couldn't regret the rest of his life knowing he never told me. He asked me to stay and spend the rest of my life with him. AWKWARD! I had no idea he felt that way....not on my radar at all!! So, after avoiding him for a day or two (I mean how do you answer that??) I called him and said I wouldn't worry about the apartment if he didn't worry about the rest of our lives that day....we should try dating. We did, and one year and three days later we were married.
5. I accidentally stumbled upon turn of the century post mortem photography and now am fascinated by it. I have this book that I have been pouring over and have spent countless  hours in the middle of the night online learning more. In a moment of someone's worst nightmare, the lengths people went to in order to stage a final portrait of their loved one. Heartbreaking, amazing, inspiring and creepy all at the same time. Weird, I know. 
6. I am incredibly envious of people who can sing, or draw or paint. Natural talent is just amazing to me and I seem to have zilch....
7.  I could wear dresses every single day for the rest of my life and love it.
I am passing the award onto the following blogs. Not necessarily for the traditional thought the word 'stylish' brings to mind, but because I like the style these ladies have and the way they live their lives. Please check them out. If you are one of my winning blogs...please follow the rules and pass on the fun!
Aging Disgracefully is where Sandy lives. She's this wild and spunky lady from Canada who just makes me hope I can be half as fun and light hearted as she is when I reach my good years!! She's hilarious. Congrats Sandy!
All American Family is a blog of small town heart and values. A fellow homeschooling family doing their best to remain true to themselves. Full of honestly and soul, a wonderful place to visit. Congrats!
All Is Amazing is where my friend Alana lives. She's super kind and works hard at making her home a reflection of herself. Full of love and serenity. Stopping by her 'place' is like stopping at your best friends house. It's always warm and inviting....and spotless! :)   Congratulations, Alana!!
Tammy at Flat Creek Farm is also deserving of this award. Her blog is homey and sweet, full of gorgeous photos and her animals....they just melt your heart. Congrats, Tammy!
Homeschool and Etc. is where my friend Happy Elf Mom lives. Stop by and visit her and her busy brood. She has five sons and one little lass that keep her hopping. She homeschools two of her boys, two older boys are in public school, and the youngest boy and girl are just starting out. She has her hands full and no matter what always has time for encouraging others, a kind word, or an adult conversation when all your day might have been is kid bickering babble. She's a gem. I want to be like her if I ever grow up.
Walking on Sunshine is where Lois lives. She has been holding down the fort while her Colonel has been serving our country. She has shared so many moments that most wives would buckle under. Not Lois, she just kept plugging along so her Colonel could focus on his deployment and know his family was fine under her care. Amazing lady.
This is my friend Royale's blog. She, too has loaned her heart to our country and just survived a deployment on her own with her children. A working Mom, she makes it all seem so simple, even though you know darn well she's half killing herself to make it happen. She's a ball of energy, enthusiasm and determination....she's also the very capable daughter of our greatly missed Mr. B and his sweet as sunshine wife Mrs. B. Stop by and let her know you were there, her husband Anthony just gave up months with his children so you can be home with yours. Thank you, Anthony!



Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

You are such a sweetie! Thank you so much for saying such lovely things about me. I am not worthy!!!

I'll do my best to come up with 7 good 'uns!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Awwww, dear Blondee, thank you so very much! That was so very nice, and brought a much-needed smile today :) I will be like Sandy above and say 'I'm so not worthy!'.. lol! But thank you, and I do enjoy your blog and your daily adventures! I enjoyed reading your 7 things... interesting stuff. Thank you again, and I will check out the other awardees ;) hugs! -Tammy

Happy Elf Mom said...

Thank you! I'm going to have to visit your friends soon. :)

Kris said...

I am glad I made your week lol, the award made mine also! I visited your friends and they all seem very sweet...I love their blogs too...I hope your having a great week! Blessings!!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Thanks for the award!!! I love coming here and reading your adventures and even more knowing you love to watch All in the Family also! I agree, I hate the things Archie says, laugh at the things he says and love him all at the same time! Hope you're doing well!!!

allisamazing said...

Thank you sooo much! Your wonderfully kind comments made me blush. You have a wonderful blog and definately deserved your award :) ~Alana~

Royale said...

This is awesome! I am finally getting back on my feet after deployment, vacation and illness and can't wait to pass this award along!